Standards for Sealoch Yellowfin Tuna

Method of catch & specifications
• Seafood Watch Green Rating Yellowfin Tuna)
• Fisheries Certificate of Origin
• Indonesia Health Certificate for Fish and Fishery Products(HACCP)
• Dolphin Safe


Green Rated by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program



Tuna, Yellowfin, Ahi,Canned light Tuna,Maguro,Tuna


Handlines and Hand-operated pole and lines


Western and Central Pacific Ocean

Fisheries Certificate of Origin

For every import we complete NOAA Form 370, Fisheries Certificate of Origin, for all imports of frozen and/or processed tuna andtuna products.

Every batch is traced to NOAA Form 370s.

Indonesia Health Certificate for Fish and Fishery Products (HACCP)

Indonesia has managed to get Yellowfin Tuna of its fishery products internationally certified in compliance with Codex Alimentarius.

This is the highest international food standard and ensures that food products are safe for human consumption.


Dolphin Safe

The Captain Statement certifies that during the fishing trip no dolphin was killed or seriously injured in the sets or other gear deployments in which the tuna were caught.


Lab Test Results of each batch (Microbiology and Chemical)

In each batch, the results of the supplier's microbiological analyzes are reviewed to guarantee this free of pathogenic microorganisms and in compliance with the chemical limits allowed.