Net Weight 3 oz


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Smoked Atlantic Salmon
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Premium Smoked Atlantic Salmon


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Smoked Atlantic Salmon Bites
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We grew up eating delicious lox rich in Omega 3, we work hard to find a pragmatic solution that is better for the environment but doesn’t sacrifice our traditional, balanced and rich diet.

This is why we partnered with the organization 1% For The PLANET, are recognized national sustainability champion.

We give back  1% of each sale to invest in sustainable feed and to restore the long-term sustainability of marine species populations.

Premium & Superior Grade
Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Skinless and fully trimmed

No dark meat

Free of added growth hormones

Fully Traceable

No preservatives

Traditional smoking process:

We smoke our salmon following a traditional cold-smoking process.

We use only imported oak and beech wood from Europe from sustainably certified suppliers.

Sliced by hand, conveniently packaged:

All our products are thinly sliced by hand ensuring superior texture and taste.

All our sliced Smoked Salmon has interleaving for an easier consumer experience.